Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes you from other search firms?

We are purposely a small search firm that works closely with a select group of clients to identify and recruit attorneys who will make a significant contribution to their organization. As part of that process, we also provide consulting services that offer valuable insight into a company's operations and ways to improve the recruiting and hiring process. In addition, as a smaller firm, we have access to the best candidates without the conflicts a larger search firm might have.

We believe that we combine the technological sophistication found in the best search firms with the desirable attributes of a boutique firm. Our approach to our work is one of competence, thoroughness, trust and effective communication with both clients and candidates. While we use knowledgeable researchers to assist in the search process, the same person you retain to conduct a search or outplacement will handle all aspects of the assignment. Our success with search and consulting projects in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia - in some instances when local consultants have failed to fulfill the assignment - attests to our skills and resourcefulness.

Because we choose not to operate as a high-volume, resume clearinghouse, your desire for a close working relationship with a firm seeking to implement the best practices in the search profession should dictate whether we are right for you. If all you want is a quick resume and an arm's length relationship, we are probably not for you. To increase the value of our work, we routinely provide clients with market information about their organization that will help improve their ability to attract and retain top talent.

We have been recruiting legal professionals since 1984. We continually strive to remain well trained in the skills of the search and outplacement process as well as in the allied fields of human relations and motivation.

What are your fees?

We believe that it is in the best interest of our clients to offer fair, well-defined and controllable costs for our service. As a result, we have a fixed-fee policy that represents a value over the traditional percentage-of-salary fee.

Before we begin an assignment, we will determine and agree with you on fees and expenses that reflect the anticipated complexity and duration of the search as well as the responsibilities of the position. Since our compensation is not a commission indexed against candidate earnings, our interests are clearly defined as focusing on finding and attracting the best-qualified candidate.

Search firm fees should be seen as an investment for an organization, not an expense. This investment should yield you candidates that excel at what they do and pay for themselves many times over by the benefit that they bring to your organization. Such strong prospects often require the involvement of a search professional to identify and attract them away from what is usually a strong career.

Will you provide references?

Yes, we will provide references to potential clients who are seriously considering engaging our services.



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