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“Don’t Interview…Audition!”

There are countless books that attempt to teach you how to how to mount a job campaign and interview effectively. However, few are written by people who are in the hiring trenches every day. We have partnered with one of the very best trainers in the search industry to develop a book that will outline a step-by-step process that will show you how to outshine your competition and help you secure the job opportunity you seek in your chosen field.

As a recruiting firm, one of the hardest realities of our profession is that we can’t find jobs for every individual we represent. The clients we represent look for a career track that includes the specific skills and the exact experience they need. As a result, many very qualified people are not the “exact fit!”

Recognizing how frustrating this can be, this book was written to help you with your individual job search. Within the chapters are proven effective methods, strategies and creative ideas that have helped countless people make their next career move a successful one. For the reason mentioned below, this book was not written solely for lawyers, but the content will be quite useful and valuable for you.

This book is dedicated to each and every one of you. If you utilize the ideas in this book, your job search efforts will definitely improve and you will be better able to land the opportunity you are seeking. Once this goal is met, you will hopefully share this book with someone else who is currently searching for an employment opportunity. We believe that this book can help everyone who is caught somewhere between where they are now and where they know they deserve to be.

Take a quick look at the Table of Contents of our book to get a better understanding of what we are offering:

Chapter One – Proper Attitude

Chapter Two – Resumes Are Tickets to Interviews

Chapter Three – Your Job Search Is Your Full-Time Job

Chapter Four – How to Set Your Career Goals

Chapter Five – Researching the Job Market to Identify Your Targets

Chapter Six – Contact the Right Person

Chapter Seven – Your Two-Minute Commercial

Chapter Eight – Planning is Essential

Chapter Nine – What To Do If Money Is Tight

Chapter Ten – Secrets That Will Help You Ace Any Job Interview

Chapter Eleven – Networking Is Key

Chapter Twelve – Social Networking Can Enhance Your Job Search

Chapter Thirteen – Cover Letters That Work

Chapter Fourteen – The Importance of Change

Chapter Fifteen – Overcome Objections

Chapter Sixteen – Follow Up Is Critical

Chapter Seventeen – Pros and Cons of the Internet

Chapter Eighteen – Workforce / Workplace Trends

Chapter Nineteen - A Job Offer is More Than a Salary and Start Date

Chapter Twenty – There is NO Job Security

Chapter Twenty-One – Self Talk Creates Self-Image Which Controls Real Performance

Chapter Twenty-Two – Utilize Professional Search, Staffing and Employment Services

Chapter Twenty-Three – Forms to Help You

This book is available to you in either e-book or hard copy formats at affordable prices. We invite you to learn more by clicking here.




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