Each search is unique.

We focus on finding the most appropriate candidates for mid- and senior-level positions in corporations and law firms. As a small search firm, we are able to offer an unusually thorough search process to identify, evaluate, and attract only those candidates who would best achieve the goals you have defined for a position.

We view each search as unique. By carefully listening to you, we gain an understanding of your business and staffing needs as well as your organization's vision, values, goals, and challenges.

Our search team consists of a recruiter and researchers who have the experience and knowledge to tap the appropriate markets for your business. By thoroughly evaluating candidates, we learn how they could strengthen and contribute to your organization. The result is not only a candidate who meets your specifications but also one who truly fits your organization and will have the longevity you desire.

In addition, our search process provides you with a wealth of information that will help you to understand how top attorneys perceive your organization in the marketplace and how you can improve your ability to attract and retain such professionals. This knowledge and counsel is one of the benefits we offer each time we perform a search.

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