We Have News!

Paul Kilman along with the services of The Kilman Advisory Group is retiring!

After more than 30 years in the legal search and outplacement profession, I am making space in my life for something new.  For now, I want to say that it has been more than a privilege to work with you all.  Having the opportunity to help you advance your careers and your businesses during such a wide range of economic cycles has provided me with the greatest satisfaction in my working life.  Thank you very much for the valuable opportunity to know you, learn from you, and help you with this essential facet of your lives.   Sending good wishes to all our clients for your continued success and career satisfaction.

Our History: 

Established in 1990, The Kilman Advisory Group successfully completed challenging attorney search assignments for client operations throughout the United States and in specific markets in Canada, South America, Asia, and Western Europe. Our assignments have ranged from General Counsel, Division Counsel, and other positions of leadership requiring a credentialed JD, to a diverse range of staff attorney roles. We have been a long-time member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC) and support its code of ethical practices. We have also been named a “Best Of” Legal Recruiter in our home state by the readership of the Connecticut Law Tribune. Our last day of operation is March 31, 2021.

If you would like to connect, you can still reach Paul via pkilman@kilman.com or his LinkedIn page.

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