How do you define success?

Welcome to our blog – an updated edition to go along with the updated look of our website.

After more than 25 years in the legal search profession, I would like to use our blog to share some quick thoughts that I think are worthy of reflection as you consider your own career as an attorney.  So let’s start here:

In a profession where the pressure to excel starts very early and people are swept up by what others say is “success” as an attorney, I would counsel you that to be happy and find long term fulfillment in your work, you will be challenged at some point to define what success is uniquely for you. How would you define what a successful career is in the context of a fulfilling life?

OK, I acknowledge that when you are starting out, you may not even be thinking about this question. You will be looking to your mentors for that initial guidance and experience. You will also find satisfaction in gaining some financial balance in your life. But sooner or later, you will need to discover your own direction. One day, life will present you with a challenge and, if you are aware enough, it may force you to wonder whose goals you have been chasing all this time.

As you mature professionally, success in our lives should not be defined by how others choose to see it. And at a time when the professional media is currently reveling in the pay raises being doled out by the Big Law community (and I am happy that attorneys are well paid for their demanding work), please don’t be fooled. Know that things like your title, your bank account, or your law school credentials are ultimately not the true measures of your capacity to be happy and make a difference in the world.

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