Wait! Before you leave your next interview…

Your interview is ending and you are authentically excited about this opportunity. Besides expressing your strong interest to the interviewer and inquiring about the interviewing process going forward, I would recommend that you consider asking this final question at some point before you leave:

“After meeting with me today and discussing my background, do you have any reservations or concerns about bringing me back for the next round of interviews?  If so, I would like the opportunity to address them.”

Note that hiring managers are good at their actual jobs – but skillful interviewing is not a talent everyone has developed. You should know that there have been several times in my career where I have learned that an interviewer has taken one piece of information a candidate has shared and erroneously created a skewed impression of this candidate’s experience, performance, or motivations. The interviewer made the classic mistake of not digging deep enough to verify, either way, whether his or her assumptions about a candidate are accurate. The interviewer is being guided more by quick and unexamined gut reactions than by accurately discovering the truth about a candidate’s capabilities. By asking the above question before you leave, you will increase your odds that this will not happen to you.

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