Advice on leaving the office on time.

This online post was recently sent to me by a colleague.  It was written by a successful business owner who wanted to share his perspectives on the importance of “leaving the office on time.”  While the realities of the legal profession can make this difficult, I did think this post provided excellent food for thought.  I have excerpted pertinent sections of that post (and edited the grammar) for your consideration.  The pronoun “I” below refers to the business owner author.

1. Work is a never ending process. – It’s a fact, so harness the skills of time management and stop trying to get everything done in a day!

2. The interest of a client is important, but so is your family. – Honestly, I scoff at the remark from those who think 2 hours in the evening is enough time with family.  It’s really not. They will always enrich your life more than any client ever can.  Give them the time they deserve.

3. If you struggle or fall in life, neither your client or boss will lend you a helping hand.  Your family will. – Note that I try to be a good boss and always try to be there for my employees, but I try.  There are limits.  Families will always be there for you, no questions asked.

4. Life is not only about work, office, and client. – I love the people and the industry I work within.  And when we celebrate successes, it’s fantastic. But do you know what? That’s just one moment.  With friends and family, it can be continuous and without expectations attached.  Cherish your moments with family/friends and experience new adventures with them as well.

5. A person who stays late at the office is not a hardworking person. – I have learned that those who are able to work effectively in the time provided are hugely successful and enjoy a great work/life balance.  If you are working 10-12 hours, I beg you to look at what you are trying achieve, how you are working, and question whether these efforts are genuinely adding benefit.

6. You did not study hard or struggle in life to become a machine. – Machines can operate 24 hours a day with the right fuel. You cannot.  Balance your life and remember you have 24 hours a day:  8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work, 8 hours of your own.

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