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We take very seriously the impact our work has on the lives and careers of individual candidates, their families, and the success of the organizations that employ them. As a candidate, you can expect straightforward talk from us, balanced assessments, clear guidance, and an objective understanding of the searches we handle. Our goal is to match your career needs, desires and qualifications to the best opportunity for you.

When an appropriate opportunity is identified, we will guide you through every step of the interview and hiring process, including how to best manage your transition from one employer to another. Given our deep experience with attorney hiring, we have come to excel at coaching candidates through this process in the most supportive manner.

If you are thinking about your next professional steps, we can be an important resource in assessing and advancing your career.

“Paul Kilman’s unique blend of instinct, depth of knowledge, and communication skills were invaluable throughout every stage of my hiring process. Paul is a scholar of the industry dedicated to advancing the best interests of his clients and having a positive impact on the lives of individuals.”

William Piotrowski
General Counsel, Engineered Components & Corporate Director, Barnes Group, Inc.
If a recruiter confidentially contacts you about a particular search, you should expect a fully informed and forthright presentation of the opportunity as well as open and timely communication throughout the interviewing and job offer process. Any pressure to accept an offer that you are unsure about is inappropriate. If you are considering a job change and would like to contact a recruiter directly, you should understand that:

  • Recruiters do welcome unsolicited resumes. Create an informative resume and cover note to send as an introduction. It is helpful if your cover note includes concise information about your capabilities, career interests, and geographic preferences.
  • Recruiters must focus on completing assignments for their clients under tight deadlines. As much as we try to return every phone call promptly, client demands take precedence.
  • A search firm may not have the ideal position for you when you first make contact. However, a good search firm will carefully retain your information for the time when an appropriate assignment arises. At that point, you should expect a close and ongoing dialogue with the recruiter.
While there can be exceptions, the answer is generally no. Corporations and law firms hire executive search firms to identify, attract, evaluate, and refer only those individuals with the qualifications and experience necessary to make a significant contribution to their organization right away. Employers use us to recruit experienced candidates whom they would often have trouble finding and attracting themselves through more traditional methods. They are usually capable of hiring inexperienced candidates on their own.