“The Kilman Advisory Group has substantially improved our ability to identify, attract, and retain the high caliber of attorneys we need for our legal operations worldwide…Paul Kilman’s professionalism and commitment to his client is simply outstanding. I highly recommend his services.”

Kenneth Bunge
former Managing Attorney, United Technologies Corporation
Adjunct Consultant, Altman Weil, Inc.

From our beginning in 1990, we have focused on finding the most capable candidates for senior- and mid-level legal positions in domestic and global corporations. We have also been effective in finding the right legal leader for companies taking their first steps in establishing an in-house law department.

As human resource support technologies evolve, one thing about effective recruiting never changes. High level recruiting is a very human process and will always require skilled, personal communication and trust. At its core, it is one person pro-actively connecting directly and authentically with another person to properly present an opportunity, deeply evaluate capabilities and fit, and skillfully work through the unique concerns each excellent candidate and his/her family may have about embracing growth and change. Executive recruiting has been considered one of the most challenging and complex of sales cycles – and it takes years of experience to fully read and respond to the nuances effectively.

We are able to offer an unusually thorough search process that goes far beyond the scope of any company job posting to identify, evaluate, and attract a much broader range of active and passive candidates who would best achieve the goals you have defined for a position. In addition, as a boutique firm, we can source an expansive population of talent without the recruiting conflicts a large search firm inevitably encounters.

Bringing the right people together for each opportunity is what we do best.

  • We are purposely a smaller-sized legal search firm that works closely with a select group of clients to identify and recruit attorneys who will make a significant contribution to their organization. As part of that process, we can also provide valuable insight into ways our client can improve their own recruiting and hiring practices.
  • Our search team consists of our Principal, Paul Kilman, as the lead recruiter plus researchers who each have more than 25 years’ of search experience and knowledge to tap the appropriate markets for your business.
  • Our success with search projects in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia – in some instances when local consultants and job postings have failed to fulfill the assignment – attests to our skills and resourcefulness.
  • We view each search as unique. By carefully listening to you, we gain an understanding of your organization’s vision, values, goals, needs, and challenges. In thoroughly evaluating candidates, we go beyond the prepared resume to determine if candidates possess the skills, critical thinking, business orientation, and maturity to work effectively within your culture and management style.
  • We believe that we combine the technological sophistication found in the best search firms with the desirable attributes of a boutique firm. Since our inception, we have been committed to the values of service, ongoing skills development, thoroughness, trust, and effective communication with both clients and candidates.
  • As a boutique firm, we can source an expansive population of talent without the off-limits recruiting restrictions a large search firm inevitably encounters.
  • Your desire for a close working relationship with a firm seeking to implement a thorough and effective search process should dictate whether we are right for you.
  • We believe that it is in the best interest of our clients to offer fair, well-defined, and controllable costs for our service. As a result, we have a fixed-fee policy that represents a value over traditional percentage-of-salary fee structures.
  • Search firm fees should be seen as an investment for an organization, not an expense. This investment should yield you candidates who absolutely excel at what they do and pay for themselves many times over by the benefit that they bring to your organization. Such strong-performing candidates often require the involvement of a search professional to identify and attract them away from what is usually an already strong career.